Where is the journey taking us?


The year 2016 is over before one actually realizes! We made significant progress in different fields. From the beginning of this year vario-optics has been engaged in two EU-projects. This helped us not only to advance our singlemode capabilities but also to strengthen our European network. Moreover, project results have already been implemented in customer projects. This year’s focus in the multimode technology has been on optimizing waveguide properties. This lead to very low losses in optical crossings, fiber couplings and curves.

In March, vario-optics exhibited at the major conference in fiber optics OFC in Anaheim with a new booth. We gained considerable interest. The days were very intensive but it was worth the effort. In November, as every second year, we were on display in a corner of Varioprint’s booth at electronica in Munich. Despite the fact that most visitors of this trade fair have no optical background, we attracted quite a lot of potential customers. Apparently, the electro-optical circuit board provides some essential advantages for our customers. A few projects arising from these electronica contacts are already in initial phase although the follow-up of the show is not yet completed.

So, where is the journey taking us? Obviously, we are climbing further up towards the sun and we are very happy to be able to make the trip together with you, partners and friends of vario-optics! We want to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support during the past year.

Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year!

The vario-optics team



vario-optics - part of the ICT-STREAMS consortium

ICT-STREAMS is a 3-years research project funded by EU-H2020 that will deliver a 1.6 Tb/s WDM mid-board transceiver together with a 25.6 Tb/sthroughput mid-board routing engine hosted onto the same electrooptic PCB, as a way to offer the technology toolkit for implementing multi-socket server boards with point-to- point-linked connectivity. ICT-STREAMS aims to increase state of the art server-board density and throughput by >400% and 1600% respectively, with a 10 fold reduced energy consumption.


For more information please visit www.ict-streams.eu